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News leak: Mortal Kombat Legacy 2


New news about the upcoming mortal combat show, new characters being introduced such as Kano, Raiden, Sonya, Kung Lao, Kitana, Mileena, Jax, Baraka, Stryker, Quan Chi, Ermac and Kenshi. Even Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) doing the voice of Kuai Liang (Sub-Zero!)
“In the second season the saga continues as Liu Kang and Ermac join the ranks of fighters introduced in the first season of the web series including Kenshi, Kung Lao, Kuai Lang, Stryker, Kitana, Mileena, Johnny Cage, Scorpion and Sub Zero. This new season will uncover the rivalries and histories of these fierce warriors as Raiden and his recruits clash against the dark forces of Outworld. The epic battle for Earthrealm has finally begun!”

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