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Klei Entertainment brings back that 2-D flava


If you haven’t already heard about the awesome stealth game that was recently released titled “Mark of The Ninja,” you might want to take another look through your list of “games to own” list. Klei Entertainment released this game in 2-D format for the Xbox 360 and PC with great reviews. Excellent soundtrack, super delicious game-play and sound effects with an excellent plot, any gamer who is a huge fan of that side-scrolling gaming format will absolutely love this particular game. Surprisingly, this game has been very underrated and many gamers across the globe have yet to know about it but it’s slowly climbing the ladder and it’s still fairly doing a great job.

Mark of The Ninja is a definitely mixture of the hit stealth titles

Ninja Gaiden, Strider, and Metal Gear Solid (which were also stealth action games. And though Metal Gear’s story wasn’t focused on a Ninja, still has the stealthy mission similarities) put into one big box of awesomeness. If you’ve ever played those other titles and then play Mark of The Ninja, you will notice the great similarities as well. The levels are just gorgeous with full animated backgrounds rainy, stormy, and more. What makes this game even more entertaining are the cartoon animated cut scenes, it’s almost like the games developer created an animated movie that we can actually play. The game is superbly violent with but not at all too gory and has a very exciting storyline. See for yourself!




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