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Jeremy Lin Playing Video Games During Recovery From Surgery


Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin took to Facebook yesterday following surgery on his knee to thank his fans, the media and talk about how he plans to pass his days recovering: Playing still-unreleased DOTA 2.

Still slightly drugged up from the season-ending surgery, Lin decided to hold a question and answer session on his Facebook page. The marathon session ended abruptly when Lin announced that he had just thrown up and needed to take a break.

Over the course of the chat Lin talks about his love of gaming and says that he plans to play DOTA 2 with his brothers during his downtime.

“Just got it installed the other day!” he writes, according to Monica and Margaret Huang’s detailed transcription of the questions and answers. (You can find that here.)

While Lin’s back and forth with fans jumps all over the place – from his favorite book of the bible to playing Monopoly to what instrument he would play if he could – one recurring theme was gaming…

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